The Only Hope for Me is You Prologue

Here is my new Klaroline fic. It's AU/AH.

Niklaus Mikaelson is a single father but is also a business man who needs to take care of the kids for him while he is at work. When their current nanny retires, he finds himself needing a replacement. When Stefan offers a solution, Klaus agrees to interview Caroline Forbes

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I really hate how anxious I am now with the idea of writing. I used to have no problems with writing, I'd come up with an idea and then write for hours. I really enjoyed it and it came very easily. Now, I want to write and I have a few ideas but just the thought of writing makes me breath faster and think, "OH CRAP, What are you thinking?"

Where the hell did this come from?

Show Disinterest

I have found lately that most of my shows, some of which I've watched for years just aren't doing it for me anymore. I still watch them but I'm not checking for spoilers or feeling like the recordings are burning a hole in my DVR. Jon will ask me what I want to watch and I just say that I don't care. Of course his leads to us going back and forth, "Yes you do," "No I don't," etc.

Has this happened to any of you?


So I am trying to nativigate Tumblr and just don't understand it, anyone familiar with it that would be willing to help me out?

Bad Boys

Why do I always like the bad boys in shows and fanfiction? And not just the slightly bad boys but the really really bad ones. I've liked Lex from Smallville, loved Sark from Alias, and now I've become obsessed with Klaus on Vampire Diaries. I can't stop reading stories of him paired with Caroline.

All I can say is its a good thing that I can't write anymore, I'd be up to my neck in story ideas!

Proud Momma!

A few weeks ago, my oldest son and I sat down to watch Serenity for his first time. He loved it, which didn't surprise me. However I was super happy today when I took him to Disc Replay and he used his credit to buy a copy of Serenity for his psp!

New Shows

My DVR is way too full with new shows. I recorded everything before I realized that we barely have time to watch the shows that returned. So I'm thinking of clearing out some of them, let me know what you think of these:

Terra Nova
Person of Interest
Once Upon A Time

Bitch about the husband day

Sorry that it's bitch about the husband day but I have to vent.

My check engine light is on my car and we were supposed to fix it two weeks ago when he had the weekend off. It didn't get done so he said we'd do it this weekend. He works nights so I asked him if I could take his car in the morning during which he could take my car to Auto zone to put it on their free computer. His answer? 'I hate driving your car.' I told him he would only have to drive 5 mins down the street because I'd be home in time for him to go to work to switch cars. He didn't know what to say, I guess he hadn't thought that I had a plan.

Edited to add:
When Hubby came home from a sports thing with Taylor, he sees me watching a show that just started on TV. It's a show I've watched for years, he knows it. So why did he sit down and ask me what I wanted to watch tonight? I just looked at him and said, 'The show I'm watching.

Is it worth it?

In the last few months, we started a new culinary habit in our house where my husband cooks one meal each week. I did it so that I got a break each week but now I'm wandering if it's worth it. I keep enough homemade frozen foods that all he has to do is warm them up but still every week it's a struggle, he's as bad as one of the kids! He procrastinates and then once he's in my kitchen, it's like a bull in a china shop saying he can't find anything (When everything has been in the same place for 5 years), he turns everything up way too hot and uses twice as many kitchen utensils and pots then needed.

So now I'm wandering if it's worth it or should I just keep my mouth shut.